About HGA

Executive Search and Consultative Services

Philosophy & Mission:

  • To uncover and align top performing graphics industry talent through strategic partnerships with high quality organizations and high value candidates
  • To tailor our strategy for talent acquisition to each client we represent
  • To maximize the recruitment process by identifying, prequalifying, assessing and presenting properly aligned candidates

Our Goal:

  • To build a long term talent acquisition support partnership that is mutually beneficial to the client company (the hiring business leader) and the valuable candidates

HGA LLC will:

  • Reduce your “time to fill” critical position requisitions
  • Maximize the candidate alignment carefully to meet and surpass client requirements
  • Minimize client expense by aligning the correct hire

Our training and knowledge of the industry segments span:

Offset,  Digital,  Screen,  Gravure,  Flexography,  and Strategic Sourcing,  (within) Direct Marketing,  General Commercial,  Publications,  Packaging,  Large Format Display,  Financial,  Business Forms,  Fulfillment,  Logistics,  Business Process Outsourcing  (BPO)  Corporate Marketing  and  Sales Training segments.

HGA Benefits / Value:

  • Broad graphics industry network and relationships
  • Diverse, multifacted graphics background (operations; operations leadership; sales; sales leadership; and corporate training)
  • Adept in talent evaluation and assessment (sales footprint evaluation; production process improvements)
  • Market/Competitor assessment and recommendations
  • Several preferred vendor agreements and recognition for service excellence

Consultative Services:

Marketing spend and brand awareness has tightened considerably as our clients look for new and improved cost effective measures to get their message across effectively. As graphics industry suppliers, we (as business owners, executive operations and sales leaders) need to remain focused in maintaining our key business relationships and driving new customer acquisition strategies to maximize facility utilization and maintain long term company fiscal health.

“A fresh set of eyes”:

Often an objective Sales and Marketing review (from a SWOT analysis perspective) will provide an improved understanding of potential roadblocks that will highlight often overlooked issues that are inhibiting your company growth.

The SWOT analysis process focuses on four areas of close internal examination in Sales and/or Operations:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Strengths and Weaknesses are internally focused, while Opportunities and Threats are typically external factors.This objective review and SWOT assessment is performed on sight (at either an hourly or project rate) and provides a thorough comprehensive interview process (typically in concert with ownership, executive leadership, sales and operations) to benchmark the company’s current state.

Once the company growth plan is examined, the next step is to carefully review the marketing effort (for brand identity) and map the competitive landscape in an attempt to project where the client might be positioned currently and where they need to be positioned to meet their growth objectives.

This analysis becomes a tool for effective planning and potential repurposing of resources to maximize current value for bottom line efficiency.  If the analysis proves need for further sales growth, we can provide selected market review of  talent that will be capable of facilitating that “top line” growth objective.