Interview Preparation

Congratulations! Your interview has been scheduled, attached below are 10 simple points that you can do to prepare yourself for success:

  1. Review the company website (and any available information) to get to know them, the market that they serve and the products that they produce.
  1. If possible, discover the name and identity of the hiring executive that is interviewing you for this position opportunity. Do your research and build an understanding of that executive’s background. (Company website executive bio or LinkedIn professional profile)
  1. Have a copy of your resume available so you can discuss any questions that they may have. It never hurts to have an extra on hand for reference or any additional copies that might be needed.
  1. Have a copy of the “Candidate Presentation” email that your placement consultant has forwarded to the Hiring Executive (if possible), with your resume. This will allow you to refer to the information that has been presented to them (on your behalf).
  1. The hiring company usually likes people who take “initiative” and are “good self-starters”. Be prepared to potentially discuss projects that might show your initiative and capability to perform with little supervision.
  1. During your first interview, the hiring executive may attempt to understand your depth of technical knowledge and experience (within your specific discipline). Be ready to address these probing experience questions as they may arise.
  1. Be prepared to ask the hiring executive intelligent and probing questions as well – This shows that you are interested in them as a potential employer; the market that they serve, the service offerings they provide, and their organizational objectives. (note: It is advised to prepare these 10 questions in advance).
  1. Lack of effective conversation could falsely insinuate or demonstrate a lack of interest. Challenge them; ask intuitive questions about their direction and challenges. Interest through intuitive and probing questions, active listening and carefully selective responses will show them energy and passion for their opportunities
  1. Relax – The hiring company must feel that you are somewhat qualified, or they wouldn’t take the time to interview you. The interview is a conversation, to not only understand your qualifications, but to get to know you as a person as well.
  1. At the end of the interview, be sure to ask the million dollar question that nobody else will likely ask – It’s this, “What are the specific qualities that you are looking for in order for the candidate to be successful in this role?” This will allow you to craft your answers around the discussion, best qualifying you for this opportunity! Close it!