Candidate Referral Program

We value our industry relationships and offer “candidate referral bonus” opportunities.  We are proud to have a network of experienced industry professionals that can share in the reward of referring a terrific candidate to a wonderful career opportunity.

Our Candidate Referral Program guidelines are:

  1. You have an established relationship with our firm and have your contact information on file. The easiest way to ensure we have your information is to submit your resume via our website. If you are not previously connected to our firm, send an email to introduce yourself and establish your professional profile in our database.
  2. To qualify for the bonus, any candidate you refer must not already be on file with us.
  3. If you are aware of a position opening by our firm, and you feel that you would like to recommend an ideal candidate, please advise our search consultants of that referral potential as soon as possible. You may be required to assist and facilitate the candidate and/or position opportunity connection.  Please provide us with the name, email address, telephone number and brief synopsis of the candidate, via email.
  4. If we place the candidate in a position within 6 months from the date of introduction, you will be eligible for a $500 – $1500 Referral Bonus depending on position and contract.
  5. Payment will be sent to you, once we have been paid for the placement, and contingent upon receipt of your 1099 information.