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Clients, candidates and colleagues…

Read what some of our clients, candidates and colleagues have said about Hagan Graphic Assets.

Lisa H. / Marketing Solutions Professional

John is truly a one of a kind executive talent recruiter with an in-depth knowledge of the printing industry that goes a long way toward helping candidates find the right organizational fit. He took time to learn more about my strengths and interests as a print industry sales professional, challenging me to set my sights higher. I learned a lot from working with John and would recommend him to anyone seeking a professional advocate who is committed to finding the best job placement for you in a constantly changing industry.”


Damian H. / VP at Concord Marketing & Indellient, Inc.

“John is a passionate and knowledge individual. His experience, dedication and networking skills have enabled him to be a leader in the industry. John goes out of his way to make everyone around him achieve their very best.”


Gary P. / Entrepreneur, Sales Leader & Team Builder

“John and I connected in early 2014 and from the moment we first talked, we clicked. He is not only very professional in his approach to consulting and representation, he has a vast knowledge of the printing industry, and specifically Large Format (in store media), Direct Marketing / Direct Mail and commercial printing – coast to coast. This is a rare combination today; being able to understand the historical perspective of the industry, and then convert that into value for the clients he represents. 

It was a joy to work with John. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone who is in need of high level, professional representation. John is there for you, and will serve very well as your advocate, and your friend.”


Dennis F. / Streamlining Supply Chain/Sourcing and Procurement Operations

“John’s experience and contacts are his greatest asset – and yours’ as well if you work with him. I’ve engaged John numerous times over the years to fill some hard-to-fill positions and also worked with him personally one some tough operational projects over the years. I highly recommend John.”


Jason D. / Executive Vice President at Coyle Reproductions, Inc.

“I have been very fortunate to have met John through my career in the Large Format Printing/Visual Environment space. He has been instrumental in helping me with my career and has also provided me with many talented people to help build my teams. He also understands the industry, knows talent and can find the diamonds in the rough while keeping his integrity as a recruiter. I will work with John through the rest of my career and recommend him to any company that wants to find talented individuals!”


Jennifer L. / Vice President Sales and Marketing at Cenveo Corporation

“Having worked with John over the years on more than one interaction, I am always reminded that John strives to understand each of his clients at a personal level, grasp the company culture, and make his first priority to deliver what is right for his clients.

John has a talent of proactively pairing the needs of two parties with his A+ relationship building skills to form fantastic synergies. From single candidates, to an organization of any size, if you are looking for top performing people, and a professional search process, I highly recommend starting your journey with John Hagan to ensure success.”


Scott B. / Marketing Consulting & Services

“I have hired John and his firm multiple times during my tenure as SVP Sales & Marketing. He can be counted on to provide quality candidates at a fair price which has been invaluable in this economy. John is one of the most networked recruiting executives I have met. Regardless of geography or specialty, he can root out top candidates. I think his strongest attribute is preparing candidates for interviews. He makes certain they are fully prepared to impress and be successful. The time invested on the front end, increases the likelihood of a good fit at the back end. If you need to add human capital to your team, I would strongly suggest you visit with John.”


Sue T. / Senior Sales Associate _Direct Marketing Expert

“I had the great pleasure to connect with John during my job search. John has key direct marketing connections that he leveraged to provide me a number of excellent opportunities that ultimately lead me to my current position. John’s candidacy presentation to companies and his process and guidance provided excellent information both to each perspective employer and me. He quickly matched my skill and strengths to the needs of my current employer. John is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly to candidates seeking a career change in the direct marketing industry.”


Bob H. / Helping private business owners regain focus on their personal and professional visions.

“I have had the pleasure of working with John for the last 3 years in his role of executive search professional in the print/mail industry. The thing that stands out for me is his ability to balance the needs of his client with the candidate pool. He spends a great deal of time getting to know a candidate and works hard to find the truly right fit for both parties. His placements stick! He is quite personable and has integrity above reproach. If John tells you he is going to do something–he will do it and in an expedient manner. For anyone looking for an executive search partner, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than John”.


Eric G. / Global Marketing Procurement Professional

“I have known and worked with John Hagan for a number of years. He is head and shoulders above any recruiter in the graphic arts/print/print management industry. His knowledge of the industry and the network the has built are second to none. He is highly dynamic and his screening process is tougher than any interview process. One of the first things I did when I joined BMC, was to make sure we retained John’s services as recruiter for North America. I would highly recommend John to any company needing to fill positions”.


Jimmy H. / Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager at FCL Graphics, Inc

“What an enjoyable experience it was working with John as he explored his vast network of contacts. John was able to make me aware and position me in front of some of the most sought-after hiring managers, with whom, I would have been just another resume on the pile. I really feel John and his partners worked hard to find a great match for me! Thanks again John!”


Tom G. / Director of Data Services and Postal Affairs

“I have known John for many years. He has a great understanding of the print and mail environment, and knows what it takes to succeed!  John will always go the extra mile to find you the right people and quickly. I find John a man with lots of integrity who also has been a friend and there as a sounding board when needed. John would be a great asset to help your team!”


Robert S. / Results driven Executive sales leader.

“John does an exceptional job in the recruitment field. He always has your companies best interest in mind, John has not only helped me on a professional level hiring new sales talent but he has helped me on a personal level during a difficult job transition, A true business partner I look forward to working with John now in and in the future.”


Peter S. / Accomplished Sales Professional Business Development Specialist

“John has great knowledge of the direct marketing & print industry as well as what it takes to be a top-notch salesperson. He was able to match my skill sets with the needs of large corporation back in 2010. I’ve continued to keep in touch with John over the years as he has been a great resource for career advice as well as new career opportunities. I recommend him highly to candidates and employers.”


Jeff B. / Eccoprint- Silver Spring, MD and HG Roebuck Printing

“John is a super knowledgeable, energetic and personable expert and professional in multiple disciplines who excels in all areas. He’s a go-to man for his vast expertise in the graphic arts industry and I recommend him highly to anyone in need if his services.”


Mark I. / National Vice President of Sales, Vectra Visual, a Taylor Company 

“John does an exceptional job, for both the employer and the candidate. His approach is effective because he works so hard to find the right fit for each position and he “digs deep” in this process. John presents outstanding candidates and is concerned with the post-employment process every bit as much as the initial placement.


Rhonda S. / Senior Account Executive at Opus Agency

“It was truly a pleasure to work with John. He was able to connect me with the perfect career opportunity within a great organization. I would strongly encourage others to work with him in their job search endeavors. He is very well respected and well networked within the industry and was able to present me as a candidate in a very professional manner. Huge thank you to John!”


Kelly H. / VP of Sales & Business Development at Quantum Packaging Limited

“John was instrumental in guiding me to the right employer with quickness and ease. His contacts/resources are amazing and far-reaching. I appreciate his hard work, his professionalism and guidance. I’ve been placed in a wonderful company and believe his insight is what brought together 2 needs that matched mutually. I owe him!”


Joe E.

“Forget the flowery words. Here’s the bottom line. I had worked with three executive recruiters over a period of several months. No results. A friend recommended John. I talked with him and within four weeks I was putting my feet under the desk of a new great employer/position. If I ever again need the services John provides, I’ll have his number handy.”


Peter S. / Accomplished Sales Professional Business Development Specialist

“John is an incredible asset in aligning the right candidate with his clients and was instrumental in helping me acquire my new position through his feedback and coaching.”


Ross P. / Direct Mail

“I had the pleasure of working with John Hagan at Moore Wallace R. R. Donnelley. John is a very creative person who is well liked and respected by all. During the time we worked together John Hagan had a very positive impact on our young sales force. John is a highly motivational person and I endorse him completely.


Michele A. / Project Manager at Digi-Color

“Although our working together was for a short time, my perception of John is that of being an exceptional visionary with great ideas and a motivating persona. He is a pleasure and inspiration to work with.”


Geoff G. / Print Resource and Management

“I would highly recommend John for any management position in the Print Sales, Print Management and Print manufacturing industry.

He is of the highest caliber in both management skills and technical aptitude and a talented and trusted individual!”


Chris W. / Marketing Strategies, Solutions, and Tactics to help YOU tell your story, gain new customers and increase sales!

“John is excellent to work with and is extremely informed with regard to the world of print and distribution of print. He is a very reliable and extremely hard worker and can be counted on to get the job done”.


Clark S. / Director, Sourcing Services – RR Donnelley

“John and I worked together during his tenure at RR Donnelley. John is a well-respected professional with extensive knowledge in the Printing Industry. John’s knowledge and vision combined with his positive attitude make him a tremendous asset to any organization. John was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.”


Michael M. / Print Vendor Manager, PECO Energy

“I had the distinct pleasure to have known and worked with John in the commercial print field over the past 7 years developing comprehensive print solutions to Fortune 500 companies. His tremendous wealth of knowledge of the printing field and can-do attitude along with strength of character makes John an asset to a corporate initiative, program implementation or Commercial Printer offering. Areas in which I have witnessed John’s consultative success include driving Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Outsourcing (BPO), Integrated Print Management, Supply Chain Management design and implementation of Print Management offerings valued from as low as $100k to over $30MM range. John is a true talent, extremely passionate toward his craft, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. John is very worthy of consideration.”


Dave H. / Sales & Marketing Executive

“I’ve worked with John on numerous national projects on behalf of F500 clients. I have found John to be committed, passionate, talented and funny. He “gets it”……….and he gets the job done well.”


Peter F. / Marketing Manager at Morin, A Kingspan Group Company

“John is always full of creative energy and thought. I have always been consistently impressed at his ability to see opportunities for improvement and growth. This comment applies to inward processes and also towards solving client difficulties.

These abilities, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the commercial and digital print and BPO practices and systems makes him a key go-to person for graphics and related solutions and business development.”


Paul H. / Account Executive at Hess Print Solutions

“John is someone I would put on any team. He gets to speed quickly, sets strategy and implements. His working attitude with management, sales executives, clients and inside personnel are excellent.  His knowledge, fully understanding the clients’ needs, and presentation planning lead to a 3 year contract for a large food distributor.”


David F. / Account Director at InnerWorkings

“John and I worked together to formulate a print management solution for a large client of mine. John’s knowledge allowed us to implement and begin fulfilling my client’s needs much faster than they had ever imagined and provided a much shorter ROI period. John’s knowledge, determination and passion for developing the right solution are his greatest strengths and customers are always thrilled with his attention to detail.”


Larry R. / President at The Printing House, Inc.

“While John was working in the Business Development position within Wallace, he exhibited strong consultative sales techniques. He is a detailed professional in any setting. John quickly grasps the customer or business need and develops a strategy for success.”


Dennis F. / Streamlining Supply Chain/Sourcing and Procurement Operations

“John and I worked together during his tenure at InnerWorkings. In particular, during the integration of a new acquisition. While working together, I learned that John is the consummate professional, and brings his vast industry knowledge, experience and contacts to any organization. John has the vision and spirit to make things happen, which earns him my recommendation any day.”


Jeff S. / Manager at Jack Henry and Associates

“John and I worked in the area of business development together. We developed the business plan to drive commercial print within the traditional business forms market of Moore/Wallace at the time. John was very successful in bringing these two markets together and driving new business.”


Scott S. / Printing Consultant and Professional

“John is a professional with an expert knowledge of print. In addition is account management skills are unsurpassed in regards to his print knowledge, management and people skills”.


John B. / Regional Vice President at Taylor Communications

“John has excellent knowledge of how to build and manage a print supply chain network. He networks well and has good familiarity with numerous personnel in the print supply chain services world.”


Craig B. / Global Account Manager, Industrial at IDENTCO

“I had the pleasure to work with John on several print related projects in the Southeast while he was at Standard Register. His guidance and expertise of the industry helped to capture success for our team. John has extreme knowledge from both a technical and sales perspective of commercial printing as well as an attitude and passion for success which made the difference in winning for both our team and his clients. John’s skill set of experience, market understanding and situation analysis puts him at the top of the game when it comes to selling and managing large scale commercial print projects and programs. I would highly recommend John Hagan for any position that requires everything from hard work, professionalism, determination, and passion for the commercial print industry or any other related field. He is a true winner!”


John S. / Pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

“John Hagan and I had identical Bus. Dev. roles inside separate Commercial Print facilities inside RRD. He is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, and a joy to work with. In particular, his analytical skills enable him to recognize and map out sales strategies quickly and accurately. In addition, John knows the print industry and has a wide network of contacts. I highly recommend John Hagan.”


Rick K. / Owner/ Photographer – Rick Kidd Photography

“They say that the five components of emotional intelligence in the work place that defines a true leader are as follows: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills. If that is true, John Hagan carries them in spades. One of the nicest guys in the industry. Hire this guy before someone else does.”


Jim B. / Plant Manager at Malnove Inc. of Utah

“John brought a high degree of professionalism, strong vendor management skills, and extensive print industry knowledge to his role as National Accounts Manager at InnerWorkings. He would be an asset to any organization involved in Print Procurement and or Business Process Outsourcing.”


Kevin H. / Director of National Accounts at Harmony Marketing Group

“John is an extremely knowledgeable and respected individual in the graphics industry. John is a great go to guy for expunging vast information regarding the industry process. My experience working with John has always been positive and rewarding. it is my recommendation that you would consider John in the highest regard for experience and knowledge in the printing/graphics/process and sourcing arena.”