The Interview

For the Candidate:


Candidate Identification and Presentation:

Once a candidate connection is established and we have your employment history and qualifications information in hand, we will carefully review your alignment to our outlined client candidate specifications to insure “right fit”.

From that point we will arrange for a live telephone discussion to distill the additional intangible qualities that will more fully outline an enhanced candidate “presentation” profile for customer review.

Candidate Presentation

Our practice is to work carefully with each candidate to prepare an accurate “presentation” to maximize and summarize each quality that defines candidate (as measured to client position requirements).

This candidate “presentation” detail has enhanced the candidate submission process significantly. From the Client perspective, it is easier and less time consuming for the hiring executives to identify potential candidate alignment. For the candidate; this process enables a more introspective review of why they are a great fit for the hiring company and provides a refresher in preparation for the first telephone interview.

  • ALL information discussed and provided by the candidate, (or discussed or provided by the consultant) relative to opportunities of employment (and potential employers) are held in strict confidence.
  • WE (HGA LLC) will not provide any candidate information and resume to a perspective employer without your permission and consent.

Introduction of Candidate to the Client

We will typically send a polished “Candidate Presentation Package” to multiple recipients (the hiring leadership executive, the human resources management and any additionally requested associate involved in the presentation process).

Once the alignment of that presented candidate is reviewed and confirmed, a request is made through our firm to initiate the interview process with that candidate. I will be notified of company interest and schedule the initial interview between hiring executive and candidate.

Once the initial introduction takes place, it is my intention to allow direct communication between hiring company and candidate (asking only to include your HGA consultant in the communication chain during the multiple touch points of the interview process). At any stagnant point during the interview process we are happy to support either side of the client / candidate communication to facilitate, schedule or negotiate if needed.

The Interview

“Navigating Career Change”

We have collected “best practice” information (in the form of a PDF Guide Book) and will provide that helpful information to our candidates to further enhance your abilities and highlight your professionalism. Many of the outlined best practices are obvious to seasoned professionals but are always helpful to review as a refresher. Please ask our search consultant to request a copy of “Navigating Career Change” as an effective tool to enhance your search process.

Preparing for the Interview

  • Overview
  • Overall Preparation
  • The Interview
  • Interview Conclusion
  • Debrief Process
  • The “Thank You” Letter Process
  • Second Interview Planning

These tools will “refresh your interviewing skills, sharpen your interview focus, enhance your professional profile and increase your potential value with the hiring company.

Marketing the “Top Performers”: Even when the Clients are not actively looking for Talent:

We can (and in many cases DO) also bring your qualifications to hiring executives (even when they aren’t actually looking for talent). Our significant network of relationships with hiring companies and executives, span many different disciplines in the graphics Industry. We feel that introducing our client relationships to the best available “potential” pool of talent; can initiate interesting opportunities for our client partnerships while broadening the range of choices for high quality candidates that we represent.

For more information relative to marketing your skills and enhancing your visibility, please consult with our executive search advisors.